Home Security Camera – video surveillance software

Now, many users continue to habitually use obsolete software for video surveillance, which were designed ten years ago.

But in recent years there have been major technological changes, as well as approaches in the design of software interfaces have changed.

There are neuralnetworksGPU computing, P2Ptechnologies for video transmission, which allow to reduce the load on the server equipment and get a new look at the architecture of building a video surveillance system.

Over time, technologically obsolete programs will leave the market. The time has come for new products.

Home Security Camera is a new product that is fundamentally different from the ones currently on the market.


Home Security Camera is a program without options. The program is designed so that the user does not need to delve into the technical features of the configuration of video surveillance. So the program automatically finds the USB cameras on the computer and the network ip and cameras, even if the IP address of the camera (onvif) is incorrectly configured and has different subnet. In this case, the user will be able to receive the video without changing the ip address on the camera. If you install a new device, the system will automatically determine the default password and the required rtsp address. For remote surveillance, the user does not need to bypass NAT.

Home Security Camera 1.2

Version 1.2 has been released

In the new version, a password manager has been added for searching cameras on ONVIF. Added automatic recovery of stream on YouTube when the connection is broken. The errors of the previous version are fixed.

Version 1.2 can be downloaded here: